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Andrey Vavilov’s company receives an award in Moscow business contest “Breakthrough of the Year 2021”

Andrey Vavilov’s company “S-Innovations” was awarded for its achievements by prestigious Moscow business contest “Breakthrough of the Year”. Company’s director has received the award from Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin. The major achievement is the significant success in development and production of high temperature superconducting wire – a high-tech product capable to disrupt a couple of multi-billion industries.

More than 4500 companies took part in the city’s contest this year, and only ten participants were awarded. “S-Innovations” company performed well in a particularly difficult pandemic year 2020, tripling its sales with a majority products being exported. The company, which has 17 active patents, is looking to strengthen its global presence in such scientifically and technologically important area, as the applied superconductivity.

Company’s superconducting products are sold in 22 countries worldwide. They help developing quite a range of breakthrough technologies, which can drastically improve efficiency of future energetics and transport, thus contributing to fight global climate crisis. Electrical plane, clean fusion energy, fault current limiters for ultra-fast protection for large electrical grids – these are few examples to mention, where products of “S-Innovations” play an important role.