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SuperOx Participated in MAKS 2019 International Aviation and Space Salon

The high-temperature superconducting motor developed by SuperOx, JSC, in cooperation with the Foundation for Advanced Research Projects, has been presented by A.P. Vavilov, Chairman of the Board of Directors at SuperOx, at the MAKS 2019 International Aviation and Space Salon. The motor can be found at the booth for the Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov in pavilion D2.

The prospective power plant for short-haul aircraft designed by the National Research Center Zhukovsky Institute involves utilization of a 500 kW high temperature superconducting motor. The power-to-weight ratio is expected to be increased by the use of new second-generation superconducting materials cooled by liquid nitrogen in the motor. The main feature of such a solution is a significant reduction in the electrical resistance and improvement of the mass-dimensional characteristics of electric machines and hybrid power plants based on such materials.

The MAKS 2019 International Aviation and Space Salon opened in Zhukovsky, in the Moscow region, on Tuesday, August 27. The opening ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

This year, more than 800 companies signed up to participate in the forum.