Presentation of a new book by Andrey Vavilov "The Russian Public Debt and Financial Meltdowns"

October 25, London. The Russian Public Debt and Financial Meltdowns, a new book by Andrey Vavilov was presented at the London-based editorial office of the Economist, world`s most popular economic and political magazine. The book was released in summer 2010 by Palgrave Macmillan, one of the leading international academic publishers.

The first foreign published book by Mr. Vavilov, it gives an economic analysis of the 1988-1997 period in Russia`s history.

Legendary journalist Bill Emmott, the author of numerous books and former Economist editor and Edward Lucas, the Economist international editor and one of the world`s most respected experts on Russia joined Andrey Vavilov in a roundtable on the new book release. Academic and business leaders from Great Britain, the US and Russia also attended the presentation.

The participants came to the unanimous conclusion that the book is worthy for all who are interested in the Russian economy transformation and Russia`s public finance. They also discussed a broad range of issues related to Russia - from an optimal speed of reforms to the big business influence on the government.

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