About SuperOx

SuperOx was established in 2006 as a company to implement an ambitious innovation technology project – creation of superconductors capable to radically change the whole electrical power industry.

The company develops materials based on thin textured coats of high-temperature superconductors films (2G HTS films) that will be widely used for production of cables, current limiters, transformers, motors, generators, energy accumulators and other types of electric and power generating equipment featuring superconductors. The superconductor equipment properties include high capacity, relatively small size and efficiency.

SuperOx activities are guided by the 20-year experience of investigating the compound oxide MOCVD at the Chemistry Department of the Moscow State University under supervision of professor A. R. Kaul. In the 1990s this research group put much effort in obtaining HTS based on single crystal substrates and created microwave prototypes for ultra high frequency communication systems.

From the late 1990s the group has researched into inexpensive 2G HTS film technology. More than 50 papers dedicated to this topic were published in leading scientific journals; the first overview of the chemical HTS coat deposition was published in 1989.

Owing to a smart strategy based on fundamental knowledge in innovation economics, in the past years SuperOx has become one of the world’s leading centers for intellectual expertise in 2G HTS (along with AmericanSuperconductor, SuperPower Inc, Bruker, Fujikura).

The soundness of the project is confirmed by a wide range of research areas SuperOx is engage in: from fundamental issues of metallurgy and nano-level physics and chemistry to implementation of technological processes and venture risk analysis.

Relying on the gained intellectual capital, SuperOx also launched projects in other spheres (solar energy and promising methods of cancer treatment).

Today SuperOx is a full-fledged participant of the innovational process with a distinct mechanism of selection, examination and testing of the innovation chain.

Our extensive experience enabled us to formulate our own concept of innovational development as well as the role of government and its strategic goals on the way to innovation.