A. Vavilov supports the Rechenka A. Tarkhov folk band

Rechenka A. Tarkhov band is one of the leading folk ensembles of the Penza region, holder of national and international festival winner titles that celebrated its 30th birthday in March 2008. A. Vavilov renders regular support to the ensemble. Particularly, he allotted funds for new stage outfits and footwear. He participated in publishing of the book ‘A Swift River Flows' featuring unique samples of folk songs. Vavilov also funded the publishing of A. Tarkhova's book ‘A River with Steep Banks', a special edition to mark the 30th birthday of the folk band Rechenka in the name of an its founder, A. G. Tarkhov. The book focuses on the foundation of a youth folk band, the first ensemble in Penza and Penza region to study, master and promote music folklore of the Penza region. Songs featured in the book are highly valuable from the artistic point of view and reflect the band's creative creed.
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